Cotton and linen storage small bin

Product Description:

1. This bin adopts cotton and linen blend fabric. The characteristics of cotton fiber blended with fast abrasion did waterproof processing at the same time, the waterproof mouldproof. It's both beautiful and practical and is the green environmental protection,can very good folding collection and also be convenient to swab.

2.Although the internal without support frame, because the material itself is proofed. When after receive goods can also be very good to keep the status quo. This kind of material is made of soft cloth, so moderate can rest assured allow children to touch. As the package of item is a folding, just open the meeting a little crease, as long as open placed after a period of time will gradually disappear.

3.This bin is added a layer of PE coated layer, when dirty can clean easy with wet cloth, hemming package edge design, exquisite workmanship.

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